Catch and release!

You need a Hungarian state ticket if you would like to fishing at some Hungarian lake. We can give it you at the fishing guard house, but you can buy it at any fishing shop, too. 

We have 7 places what you can choose and reserve. You can look at the pictures about them in "Bojlis helyfoglalás" =>  after " Bojlis helyek "menupoint. 

We give you our places:

3 days long: 18000.- HUF/person

4 days long: 24000.- HUF/person

7 days long: 42000.- HUF/person

The rent of the boat is 1500.- HUF/day/place

Your ticket goes from your first day noon to your last day noon.

You can fishing by system of boilie only on appointed places.

You can building tent on the appointed places. On the place you must not littering, before you leave the place, you must call the fishguard and he will check the place. You can park with car at fishing places, but the fishguard would check anytime your car. You can charging buttery and use the wifi at the fishguardhouse, and you can have a shower ones a day (a ticket - a person - a day).

With ticket of boilie you do not keep fish.

At arrival you will get a red flag, you must put it your place on, and when you finish the fishing you must give back to the fishguard.

You can fishing with two rods and two hooks (one rod with one hook).

You can use own boat, radar, feedboat but the boatengine may only electrican.

You must not use aggregat.

You can use the boat to feed and take your endtackle to buoy, but only inside your sector.

You can feed with corn, pellet, boilie.

You must use mattres, greatsize landing-net, germicide. These things you must show to the fishguard, when you buy the ticket.

You must at once put back the fish into the water after you take photos.

If you don't keep these rules you must finish fishing and must leave the area of the lake.

For place reservation please write in English to this email: info@szekito.hu or kapocsisandor69@gmail.com